Sudan agency: 'Foreign' plane attacks car, 2 dead

AP News
Posted: Apr 05, 2011 6:50 PM
Sudan agency: 'Foreign' plane attacks car, 2 dead

A plane described as "foreign" attacked a car near the city of Port Sudan Tuesday, killing two people, the Sudan media center said, in what might have been a strike against weapons smuggling.

The report, quoting a member of parliament, said the car was on the road leading to the Port Sudan airport when it was attacked by the plane, which was following it.

The media center said the Sudanese military directed anti-aircraft fire at the plane and chased it out of Sudanese air space, adding it "confirmed it was a foreign plane." The report did not say where the plane came from or where it went and did not identify the two dead people, who were in the car when it was hit.

In 2009, a convoy carrying weapons in Sudan was targeted from the air, killing dozens. It was widely believed that Israel carried out the attack on a weapons shipment headed for Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip. Israel never confirmed or denied that.

The member of Sudan's parliament quoted by the media center, Mustafa Mundir, denied that weapons are transported in the area. He called for a government investigation.

The Sudanese government and military had no immediate comment.