Developments in Japan's disasters, nuclear crisis

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Posted: Apr 05, 2011 11:57 AM
Developments in Japan's disasters, nuclear crisis

_ RADIATION LIMITS FOR FISH. The government sets its first radiation safety standards for fish after contamination in nearby seawater measures at several million times the legal limit.

_ TEPCO COMPENSATION. Tokyo Electric Power Co. says it will give towns within the evacuation zone 20 million yen ($240,000) each in "apology money." That would be on top of any legally required compensation.

_ INDIA BANS JAPANESE FOOD IMPORTS. India bans food imports from Japan for three months or until credible information shows the radiation hazard has subsided. It will review the situation weekly.

_ STOCK DROPS TO LOWEST LEVEL. TEPCO's stock drops 80 yen to just 362 yen ($4.30), falling below its previous all-time closing low from December 1951. Since the quake, the share price has nose-dived a staggering 80 percent.