Latest developments in Arab world's unrest

AP News
Posted: Apr 03, 2011 3:48 PM
Latest developments in Arab world's unrest

A look at the latest developments in political unrest across the Middle East on Sunday:


The vice chairman of the Libyan rebels' council tells AP that their goal is to set up a parliamentary democracy in all of Libya once ruler Moammar Gadhafi is overthrown. The new regime would not accept extremism and terrorism, he says, and vows not to negotiate with Gadhafi.



Hundreds march in a suburb of Damascus to honor demonstrators killed while protesting against the government. President Bashar Assad appoints a former agriculture minister, a respected academic, to form a new government in an effort to satisfy the protesters.



Security forces fire tear gas at thousands of demonstrators in southern Yemen demanding the immediate resignation of their president. About 200 suffer from the effects of the gas, and three suffer minor injuries. Women started the protest march, and men joined after police attacked.



Authorities release 57 demonstrators detained during the last week in an attempt to calm protesters, out of more than 100 who were detained in demonstrations around the country pushing for more job opportunities and greater political freedom.



The government lifted its ban on the main opposition newspaper after the editor resigned. The one-day ban was the latest step in a crackdown against protests rocking the tiny, strategic island kingdom. The paper, Al-Wasat, was expected to appear again on Monday. Majority Shiite Muslims are leading the protests against a Sunni dynasty that has ruled for two centuries.