UN nuclear inspectors visit Syria

AP News
Posted: Apr 01, 2011 8:30 AM
UN nuclear inspectors visit Syria

The International Atomic Energy Agency says inspectors are in Syria to visit a site being probed for clues about the country's suspected secretive nuclear activities.

Syria has denied covering up a clandestine nuclear program.

The site is an acid purification plant in Homs city that produces purified uranium ore as a byproduct. The IAEA is trying to determine whether, as Syria asserts, traces of uranium elsewhere come from the plant.

The Vienna-based nuclear watchdog said Friday the inspection is being conducted as planned. Damascus agreed to it some time ago.

Syria continues to deny IAEA inspectors the right to revisit their main focus _ a site bombed in 2007 by Israeli warplanes that Washington called a nearly finished, secretly built nuclear reactor that could produce plutonium.