Clarification: Brazil-US-Custody Battle story

AP News
Posted: Mar 25, 2011 10:08 AM
Clarification: Brazil-US-Custody Battle story

In a March 22 story, The Associated Press reported the death of Raimundo Carneiro Ribeiro Filho, who along with his wife sought visitation rights of his 10-year-old grandson in the U.S. and was blocked by a U.S. court from seeing the boy, who was the center of a bitter international custody dispute.

The story should have explained the New Jersey state court decision, which cited the Ribeiro couple's refusal to drop legal appeals in Brazil to regain custody of their grandson, Sean Goldman. The U.S. court noted that David Goldman, Sean's father, was prepared to allow visitation if the Ribeiros dropped custody litigation. They refused and sought instead to force visitation rights through U.S. courts.