Bahraini man dies of wounds after crackdown: Wefaq

Reuters News
Posted: Mar 24, 2011 3:27 PM
Bahraini man dies of wounds after crackdown: Wefaq

MANAMA (Reuters) - A Bahraini civilian has died of wounds sustained during a crackdown that drove protesters off the streets last week, the largest Shi'ite Muslim opposition party Wefaq said.

It said Hani Abdulaziz, 33, was hit by four rounds of bird shot fired by security forces near his home in the Shi'ite suburb of Bilad al-Qadim Saturday.

The exact circumstances of the incident were not clear.

Abdulaziz's death brings to 21 the total number of people killed since the start of protests on February 14, including four policemen and two foreigners, one Indian and one Bangladeshi.

Bahraini forces Wednesday ended an uprising by mostly Shi'ite protesters that had prompted the king to impose martial law and call in troops from fellow Sunni-ruled neighbors.

Wefaq says almost 100 people remain missing, and believe they have either been arrested, hospitalized or killed or are hiding from security forces.

The government spokeswoman said in a news conference on Wednesday that 30 people had been wounded, including five who were in critical condition.

Bahraini opposition activists are planning to hold a day of demonstrations throughout the tiny island Friday, in defiance of a ban on all public gatherings under martial law, and many Bahrainis are concerned there could be more bloodshed.

(Reporting by Lin Noueihed; Editing by Janet Lawrence)