Latest developments in Arab world's unrest

AP News
Posted: Mar 20, 2011 5:10 PM
Latest developments in Arab world's unrest



The U.S. claims success in the first two days of an assault against Moammar Gadhafi's forces, hitting air defenses and at least two major air bases and shaking the Libyan capital with explosions, but a defiant Gadhafi vows a "long war."



Egypt announces overwhelming approval for constitutional changes in a referendum. A massive 80 percent turnout generates 77 percent in favor of changes like limiting the president two four-year terms, eliminating restrictions on political rights and civil liberties. Opponents fear this the highly organized Muslim Brotherhood to dominate Egypt's dozens of new political parties in upcoming presidential and parliamentary votes.



Tens of thousands of people join a funeral procession for protesters killed by government forces, and the Yemeni president's own tribe calls on him to step down, robbing the embattled U.S.-backed leader of vital support.



Syrian police open fire on thousands of protesters in a tense southern city, killing one, and protesters set fire to government buildings, a sign that a pro-democracy movement is taking root in yet another closely ruled Arab nation.



Ailing Iranian dissident Ebrahim Yazdi resigns as the leader of a liberal political party, the Freedom Movement of Iran, hours after being released from prison.