Glance of assets massing for Libya military action

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Posted: Mar 19, 2011 5:10 PM
Glance of assets massing for Libya military action

Here's a look at some of the international military assets in or heading to the region to help enforce the U.N.-sanctioned no-fly zone over Libya:


_Deployed eight Rafale and four Mirage jets to survey rebel-held Benghazi; one fired on a Libyan military vehicle in first military strike of operation.

_Six C-135 refueling tankers

_1 AWACS surveillance plane

_Deploying the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to the region Sunday from Toulon.

_Also envisages using anti-air frigates Jean-Bart and Forbin, anti-submarine frigate Dupleix, the Aconit frigate and a refueling ship La Meuse.


_Sent six F-18s to Italy base; 140 military personnel involved.

_Frigate HMCS Charlottetown is in Mediterranean for possible staging ground for Canadian forces.

United States:

_Prepared to launch missile attacks on Libyan air defenses but so far not participating in initial air missions.

_Has two guided-missile destroyers in the Mediterranean, the USS Barry and USS Stout, two amphibious warships, the USS Kearsarge and USS Ponce, and a command-and-control ship, the USS Mount Whitney. The submarine USS Providence was also in the Mediterranean.

_Witnesses reported five F-18s, two C-17s and a C-130 cargo plane arrived at U.S. air base at Aviano in northern Italy, which is home to the 31st Fighter Wing.


_Six F-16s arrived at U.S. air base in Sigonella, Sicily and could be deployed as early as Sunday; 132 support staff.


_Offered use of seven military bases: U.S. air bases at Sigonella, Sicily and Aviano in northern Italy; Italian air bases in Amendola near Foggia, Decimomannu in Sardinia, Gioia del Colle near Bari, base on Sicilian island of Pantelleria, and the military airport of Trapani, Sicily.

_Proposed NATO base in Naples serve as coordination point for operation.

_Says it has four anti-radar and anti-missile Tornados and six other aircraft available to fly with 15 minutes notice.

_Aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi off Sicily with eight aircraft aboard.


_Sent four F-18s and a Boeing 707 refueling plane to Italy base.

_Deploying a submarine, naval frigate and a surveillance plane.

_Placed two bases at NATO's disposal, Rota and Moron de la Frontera, where several U.S. Air Force planes were seen Friday.


_Said it would send Typhoon and Tornado jets to air bases, but no British fighter assets have yet been deployed, the Ministry of Defense said.

_Britain's air base in southern Cyprus, RAF Akrotiri, supporting AWACS surveillance aircraft and has a team of personnel there to coordinate British aircraft movement.

_Two British frigates, HMS Westminster and HMS Cumberland, are in the Mediterranean off Libya's coast.


_Offered six F-16s, with around 100 support staff, but operational capabilities five-six days off.

_Considering contributing an Orion maritime surveillance plane.