Owners: NZ's CTV building was structurally sound

AP News
Posted: Mar 01, 2011 1:18 AM
Owners: NZ's CTV building was structurally sound

The owners of a building that collapsed in the New Zealand earthquake, killing up to 120 people, say a recent engineers report found no problems with its structural integrity.

Recovery teams picked through the rubble of the Canterbury Television building on Tuesday, a week after the 6.3 quake destroyed it and many others in Christchurch.

The confirmed death toll from the quake is 155. Police said Friday that up to 120 bodies were inside the CTV building, many of them English-language students from countries including Japan and China.

Ken Jones, a lawyer for the building's owners, said Tuesday that a detailed structural engineers report commissioned after an earlier quake Sept. 4 found superficial damage to the building but raised no structural issues.