2 Mozambique men get 20 years for grisly attack

AP News
Posted: Oct 14, 2010 8:49 AM
2 Mozambique men get 20 years for grisly attack

State radio says a court in Mozambique has sentenced two men to 20 years in prison each for mutilating a 12-year-old boy and trying to sell his body parts to a witchdoctor.

Radio Mozambique reported Thursday that the boy's uncle and another man attacked the boy in May. They lured him with cookies to accompany them on a rabbit hunting trip, the court said during a hearing on Wednesday.

The report said the two men then held the boy down, cut out his eyes and removed his genitals, intending to sell them to a Malawian witchdoctor.

The boy survived and is undergoing medical treatment in the Zambezia Provincial Hospital.

The report says Mozambican and Malawi forces detained the two men in Malawi.

Some witchdoctors in Africa use body parts as elements in traditional medicines.