Bolivia seizes land from TV network owner

AP News
Posted: Dec 17, 2009 5:33 PM

Bolivia's leftist government has seized another big ranch from a top opposition figure. It says the 2,500-hectare (10-square-mile) spread will go to landless Indians.

Along with the ranch, President Evo Morales' government also confiscated a 500-hectare parcel from Osvaldo Monasterio, a banker and agribusinessman who owns the Unitel TV network.

One opposition lawmaker called the seizure "vengeance" by Morales, who easily won re-election Dec. 6.

Authorities said Thursday that Monasterio's land was not being worked and was fraudulently obtained.

Morales has promised to seize fallow land and redistribute it to the poor indigenous majority.

Last week, the government seized a ranch from soybean magnate Branko Marinkovic.