How much EU countries committing to climate fund

AP News
Posted: Dec 11, 2009 10:52 AM

European Union leaders agreed at a summit Friday to come up with $3.6 billion a year through 2012, or a total of $10.8 billion over three years, to help pay developing nations to cut emissions and adapt to climate change. Here are some of the pledges made by the 27 EU members until a new climate pact being negotiated in Copenhagen comes into effect in 2013:

Britain: $1.95 billion

Germany: $1.85 billion

France: $1.85 billion

Sweden: $1.2 billion

Italy: $885 million

Spain : $548 million

Netherlands: $442 million

Denmark: $235 million

Belgium: $221 million

Finland: $147 million

Poland: $88 million

Czech Republic: $18 million

Slovenia: $12 million

Estonia: $4.4 million