How much EU countries committing to climate fund

AP News
Posted: Dec 10, 2009 5:10 PM

European Union leaders worked at a summit Thursday to come up with money to help pay developing nations to cut emissions and adapt to climate change. Here are some of the pledges made by the 27 EU members so far, to cover the next three years until a new climate pact being negotiated in Copenhagen comes into effect in 2012:

Britain: $1.3 billion

Sweden: euro800 million ($1.2 billion)

Netherlands: euro300 million ($442 million)

Denmark: euro160 million ($235 million)

Belgium: euro150 million ($221 million)

Finland: euro100 million ($147 million)

Poland: euro50 million to euro60 million ($73 million-$88 million)

Estonia: euro3 million ($4.4 million)