SKorea fishing boat sinks off Uruguay; no one hurt

AP News
Posted: Nov 28, 2009 9:59 AM

A South Korean fishing vessel has burned and sunk in the port of Uruguay's capital. Navy officials say all 38 crew members are safe.

Navy spokesman Anselmo Borges says Saturday's fire began in the bunk area and spread to other areas of the 130-foot (40-meter) Esperanza. The cause is under investigation.

Navy divers removed ammonia gas tanks used for refrigeration before the fire could cause them to explode.

Borges says the vessel arrived on Nov. 5 and was due to head soon for fishing grounds.

He says crew members come from Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Another South Korean vessel burned in Montevideo on Nov. 19. The cause of the fire on the Excellent 8 also is unknown.