3 Ukrainians died in Afghan helicopter crash

AP News
Posted: Nov 27, 2009 12:08 PM

Three Ukrainians were killed when a helicopter operated by an international military contractor crashed in eastern Afghanistan.

The owner and operator of the aircraft said Friday that the three crew members were the only passengers aboard the MI-8 chopper that disappeared Nov. 23.

"Efforts are currently under way to recover the aircraft and the remains of the crew," Air Freight Gulf said in a statement. "Investigations into the cause of the crash are also under way, however early reports indicate the crew encountered poor weather conditions on route."

The wreckage was discovered Friday during a joint search mission between NATO and the company. NATO said Friday that the crash site of the MI-8 chopper was located in eastern Afghanistan.

The helicopter had been chartered by Supreme Global Service Solutions for a cargo mission in support of NATO troops.