Formerly conjoined twins leave intensive care

AP News
Posted: Nov 23, 2009 1:47 PM

Conjoined Bangladeshi twins who were separated in a marathon surgery last week left intensive care on Monday and were adjusting well, hospital officials said.

Trishna and Krishna, who turn 3 next month, had been joined at the top of their heads and shared brain tissue and blood vessels. They were separated last Tuesday after 25 hours of delicate surgery in Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital and then underwent an additional six hours of reconstructive work.

On Monday, the hospital released a statement saying the girls had left the pediatric intensive care unit and were sharing a room together. They were in stable condition.

"The girls are getting to know the new staff who will be caring for them now that they have left intensive care," the statement said.

Krishna is expected to have a longer period of adjustment as the separation brought more changes to her body and brain's blood circulation.

An aid worker first saw Trishna and Krishna in a Dhaka orphanage when they were a month old, and contacted the Children First Foundation, which brought the girls to Australia for the operation.