Afghanistan at a glance

AP News
Posted: Nov 19, 2009 6:46 AM

Some basic facts and figures about Afghanistan, where President Hamid Karzai was inaugurated Thursday to a second five-year term:

GEOGRAPHY: Mountainous and landlocked. Borders Iran, Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Resources include coal, copper, petroleum, natural gas and precious and semiprecious stones.

DEMOGRAPHICS: 28.4 million people with median age of 17.6 years and life expectancy of 44.6 years. Literacy is 28.1 percent. Ethnic groups: 42 percent Pashtun, 27 percent Tajik, 9 percent Hazara, 9 percent Uzbek, 13 percent other. 80 percent of people are Sunni Muslim, 19 percent Shiite Muslim, 1 percent other.

GOVERNMENT: An Islamic republic with a presidential system and a bicameral federal legislature. Laws are a mix of Islamic and civil measures.

ECONOMY: Unemployment 40 percent, with 53 percent of population below poverty line in 2003. World's largest producer of opium, key part of underground economy that helps fund militants.


Source: CIA World Factbook, U.S. Military