Germany launches databases on fate of POWs

AP News
Posted: Nov 16, 2009 12:44 PM

A new database with the names of some 70,000 Soviet prisoners of war held in Germany during the Third Reich is now available online, the Saxony state government said in a statement Monday.

The names of another 10,000 Germans who were sentenced by Soviet military tribunals during or after the war were also opened up by the Dresden-based archive for an online search, the statement said.

"These unique databases will enable millions of people to find out about the fates of their family members who died or went missing during or after the war," Saxony's minister of research and development Sabine von Schorlemer said.

The databases were created in cooperation with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the statement said

Both databases provide names, dates and places of births of prisoners of war, and are available in German and Russian. For more detailed information family members have to contact the Dresden archive directly, the statement said.

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The data were collected as part of an international research project about Soviet and German prisoners of war that started in 2000. The database will be updated continually with new names, the ministry said.


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