Mexico court upholds 2nd state right-to-life code

AP News
Posted: Sep 29, 2011 7:53 PM
Mexico court upholds 2nd state right-to-life code

For the second time in two days, Mexico's supreme court has let stand a state right-to-life amendment that severely limits abortions.

Thursday's decision involves Mexico's north-central state of San Luis Potosi. The court upheld a similar measure in Baja California on Wednesday.

Both amendments severely restrict abortions, with exceptions like rape or danger to a mother's life. Mexico City is the only part of the country that has legalized abortion in the first trimester.

The latest decision makes it likely that right-to-life amendments passed by 16 of Mexico's 31 states will stand.

In both cases, seven of the 11 justice voted to overturn the amendments. But eight votes are needed to overturn a law on grounds of unconstitutionality.