Electric bike crackdown spurs delivery worker concern

AP News
Posted: Dec 25, 2017 9:14 AM
Electric bike crackdown spurs delivery worker concern

NEW YORK (AP) — A plan to intensify a crackdown on electric bicycles is causing concern among the New York City's largely immigrant delivery workforce.

The city says police will continue ticketing and confiscating the zippy motorized two-wheelers and starting next year they will write up civil penalties for businesses that allow workers to use them.

But advocates for the workers say they put in long hours and ride many miles to meet demand for quick deliveries and couldn't do their jobs without the bikes.

The vehicles look similar to standard bicycles but have motors that can propel them to 20 mph or more depending on the model. City law considers them motorized scooters, which are illegal.

Advocates say the city should instead find a way to incorporate the bikes into the transportation system.