AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from the past week in Asia

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Posted: Sep 18, 2017 1:39 AM
AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from the past week in Asia

A Rohingya Muslim mother kisses her infant son who died when the boat in which the family was trying to flee Myanmar capsized just before reaching the shore of the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. The family is among the more than 400,000 Rohingya refugees arriving in Bangladesh in a little over three weeks. The U.N. and rights groups have warned the latest violence in Myanmar appeared to a campaign of ethnic cleansing to drive Rohingya out of the Buddhist-majority country. Rohingya who left Myanmar in earlier refugee waves live in Bangladesh and other countries, including Nepal where about 250 live in huts in a ramshackle camp on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

In other images from the Asia-Pacific region last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un celebrates what was said to be the test launch of an intermediate-range Hwasong-12 missile. State media quoted Kim as saying as saying his country was nearing its goal of equilibrium in military force with the United States. His comments were published after a missile was launched over Japan on Friday that traveled 3,700 kilometers (2,300 miles) in North Korea's longest-ever test flight of a ballistic missile.

A fire at a religious school dormitory on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, killed 21 boys and two teachers. Investigators say the fire blocked the only exit from the top floor of the three-story building. Several of the victims were buried in a mass funeral where hundreds of relatives and well-wishers mourned.


This gallery was curated by Associated Press photo editor Wally Santana in Bangkok.