Honda plans mostly self-driving car, follows Waymo, others

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Posted: Jun 08, 2017 3:02 PM
Honda plans mostly self-driving car, follows Waymo, others

DETROIT (AP) — Honda said Thursday that it will have highly automated personal cars on the road by 2025.

The automaker said its system will use computers and cameras, radar and laser sensors to handle almost all driving situations except bad weather or some unusual occurrences. Then a human driver would have to take control.

The company also repeated its pledge to have highly automated freeway driving by 2020.

Honda joins a growing list of companies making promises about self-driving vehicles.

Company Plan Year
nuTonomy, software start-up Self-driving taxis in Singapore 2018
Waymo, unit of Google parent Alphabet Largely self-driving vehicle; partnership with Fiat Chrysler 2019
Ford Motor Co. Autonomous shuttle or shared vehicles, no human backup 2021
BMW/Intel/Others Fully automated vehicles in production 2021
Volkswagen/Audi Driverless city cars, limited use 2021
Delphi/Transdev Autonomous taxis, shuttles with remote human backup 2018
Toyota Highway self-driving with human backup 2020
Volvo Fully autonomous vehicle, no human backup 2021
Honda Autonomous personal cars, with driver as back-up 2025
General Motors Semi-autonomous on highway, driver must be engaged 2017
Mercedes-Benz Autonomous taxis, no human backup Around 2020
Nissan Models with self-driving capabilities, human backup 2020
Uber Autonomous taxis with human backup drivers 2016