Up to 600 waterfowl die in western Idaho from avian cholera

AP News
Posted: Feb 22, 2017 11:39 AM

PARMA, Idaho (AP) — An estimated 500 to 600 ducks and geese have died due to avian cholera in western Idaho.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game in a news release on Tuesday says the birds were found dead on private land near Parma on Feb. 9.

Officials say tests on two Canada geese, six mallards and a red-tailed hawk identified avian cholera as the cause of the deaths.

Experts say avian cholera is caused by a bacterium spread by dead or dying birds, and that dense concentrations of waterfowl can enhance disease transmission among healthy birds.

Officials say the dead birds were buried to prevent scavengers from eating them.

Officials say the nearby Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area is a popular migratory stopover for waterfowl.