Quotations in the News

AP News
Posted: Nov 07, 2016 7:53 AM

"Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, the people know. And now it's up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on Nov. 8." — Donald Trump at a rally in Michigan after FBI Director James Comey informed Congress that the bureau had found no evidence in a review of newly discovered emails to warrant criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.


"This election is a moment of reckoning. It is a choice between division and unity, between strong, steady leadership and a loose cannon who could put everything at risk." — Hillary Clinton to supporters in New Hampshire about the differences between her and Republican rival Donald Trump.


"By lumping the displaced hostile populations in with the extremists, you've basically confined the problem to one place. Once that is done, the regime will go after it hard and no one will be able to make much of a fuss internationally." — Faysal Itani, a resident fellow at the Atlantic Council, after the Syrian government forced insurgents and opposition supporters to relocate to northern Idlib province as part of truce deals.