A look at the world records held by the United Arab Emirates

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Posted: Sep 05, 2016 3:00 PM
A look at the world records held by the United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates, where phrases like the "world's biggest," ''world's largest" and "world's best" often get thrown around, there is a number of records the young country actually holds.

The Guinness Book of World Records has certified more than 150 feats in the UAE. Here are some of the more quirky achievements:

— Fastest 10 meters on hind legs by a horse;

— Fastest game of the board game Operation;

— Fastest text message in Arabic, blindfolded;

— Fastest time to sort 30 M&Ms / Smarties using chopsticks;

— First hybrid of a camel and llama;

— Highest rate of diabetes by country;

— Highest sword throw;

— Largest man-made archipelago;

— Largest book;

— Largest can pyramid;

— Largest chocolate mosaic;

— Largest collection of miniature landmarks;

— Largest display of handmade paper dolls;

— Largest gathering of people dressed as nurses;

— Largest gathering of people wearing helmets;

— Largest hopping race;

— Largest indoor ski resort;

— Largest Mother's Day message board;

— Largest puzzle completed underwater;

— Largest gathering of people with the same first name;

— Largest sword;

— Largest synchronized car dance;

— Longest parade of taxis;

— Longest wedding veil;

— Most books exchanged in eight hours;

— Most cholesterol readings taken in eight hours;

— Most different desserts on display;

— Most expensive Christmas tree decorated;

— Most expensive shot of cognac;

— Most knuckle pushups in 24 hours by a woman;

— Most nationalities washing their hands simultaneously;

— Most people carrying a banner;

— Most sand moved with a teaspoon in 30 seconds;

— Smallest parachute;

— Tallest building;

— Tallest man-made structure on land ever;

— Tallest tower of cupcakes;


SOURCE: Guinness World Records