Dallas takes action on loose dogs after pit bulls kill woman

AP News
Posted: Jun 21, 2016 2:51 PM

DALLAS (AP) — The fatal mauling of a homeless Army veteran has brought new attention to the issue of loose dogs that have plagued low-income neighborhoods in Dallas and other cities.

Dallas leaders ramped up arrests of dog owners with animal-related warrants and pledged a series of reforms after Antoinette Brown was attacked on May 2.

While Brown's death shows how one incident can spur a city to action, animal-welfare groups say fixing the problem in Dallas and elsewhere requires long-term investments that many cities haven't made.

Houston has started down that path by doubling spending on animal welfare and working with agencies to increase adoptions. Local officials say outreach programs in low-income areas must be continuous, partly because pet owners don't have access to veterinarians or think they can afford it.