Edwin the Duck comes with a variety of digital technology

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Posted: Jun 08, 2016 11:12 AM
Edwin the Duck comes with a variety of digital technology

The $100 Edwin the Duck, billed as the world's first "smart duck," comes packed with technology, such as motion sensors, memory, Bluetooth and LED lighting. Although it looks like a rubber duck, it's designed to do much more:

SOUND EFFECTS: Edwin quacks, gurgles and makes other sounds meant to be soothing, such as wind blowing.

WIRELESS: It connects by Bluetooth to a phone or tablet app to play games, music and interactive stories. It works with Apple and Android devices, though Android features are limited until an app update is out in the coming weeks, according to Edwin's creator.

LIGHTING: An LED light in its head turns on so it can be used as a night light while it reads a bedtime story or plays a lullaby.

MOTION SENSORS: Edwin works as a remote controller that's shaken, turned or moved up and down to make the animation duck in an app swim or fly, play games and answer quizzes.

WIRELESS SPEAKER: Edwin plays music and other audio from a phone or other Bluetooth-connected device. Sound quality is fine for a speaker of that size.

GAMES: In one game, the child is asked to identify shapes that pop up in the companion mobile app. In another, the child moves the duck energetically up and down to make an animation version in the app swim — and win — in a race.

WATERPROOF: It does work as a regular rubber duck in a tub.