Quotations in the News

AP News
Posted: Apr 12, 2016 3:01 AM

"It makes it very difficult to crack. You're not sending an informant into this group, because they know each other. So no one new is just walking into this. It's so big, look at the people on the periphery, logistics, the people that are suspected. You're looking at 50 people. That's not a cell; that's a terrorist group." — Patrick Skinner, a former CIA case officer who is now with the Soufan Group security consultancy, who described the Brussels-Paris network as a "supercell."


"I just like everything that he talks about and that he wants to do. I think Hillary, she's too mainstream government. Bernie Sanders is fresh and new and the Republicans are freaking idiots." — Brian Cane, 54, of Spokane, Washington, after a new Associated Press-GfK poll found Sanders more likable than his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.


"He had been in New Orleans before the storm. He'd dealt with the aftermath of the storm. He understood that football was really secondary here — this was about uplifting the entire region." — Eric Asher, local radio broadcaster and talk show host, on slain former NFL player Will Smith, who was deeply involved in the city's recovery after Hurricane Katrina.