What We Know: Uninsured young adults face bigger fines

AP News
Posted: Jan 26, 2016 3:10 PM

The price tag for taking a pass on health insurance is going up. That means a tough choice awaits many young adults. A closer look at the dilemma they face under the health care law:

—Fines for being uninsured are going up sharply in 2016. The minimum fine will be $695 for someone uninsured for 12 months and not eligible for an exemption.

—That's up from $325 in 2015.

—Average fines could be nearly $1,000 per household.

—Millions of healthy young adults who don't think they need insurance face a difficult choice: Find the money for health care premiums or swallow the fines.

—Nearly half of uninsured people said in a recent Kaiser poll that they've tried to get coverage but it's too expensive. A big sore point is high deductibles that can leave consumers with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

—Decision time is near: Open enrollment for health care ends Jan. 31.