Quotations in the News

AP News
Posted: Dec 17, 2015 3:55 AM

"It's early. It's one of six (trials). I'm not expecting our community to repeat April, but it is a bit of a kick in the chest." — Erika Alston, a West Baltimore community leader who founded Kids Safe Zone after the April riots, after the first effort to convict an officer in Freddie Gray's death from a broken neck in a Baltimore Police van ended with a hung jury and a mistrial.


"We're telling clients not to panic, not to be overly concerned. Remember your basic goals and objectives." — Richard Jones, a managing director with Merrill Lynch Private Banking in Los Angeles, reassuring investors worried about the potential impact of the Federal Reserve's first interest-rate increase in nine years.


"I would like to see the Republican party come together, and I've been a little bit divisive in the sense of hitting people hard." — Donald Trump on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" as Kimmel said it appeared the GOP front-runner made an effort to be nicer to his fellow candidates in the latest debate.