The cases that led to convictions against Oklahoma officer

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Posted: Dec 11, 2015 2:03 AM
The cases that led to convictions against Oklahoma officer

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted Thursday of sexually victimizing eight women on his police beat. A jury found him guilty of 18 counts: four counts of first-degree rape, one count of second-degree rape, six counts of sexual battery, four counts of forcible oral sodomy and three counts of procuring lewd exhibition. He was acquitted of 18 other charges.

Below is a look at the cases in which Holtzclaw was convicted. All the women testified against Holtzclaw in court. The Associated Press does not generally name victims of sexual assault.


The woman recalled multiple encounters with an officer she came to call "Spike," for the way he styled his hair. She testified Holtzclaw forced her on one occasion to lift her shirt up to check for drugs and touched her breasts. A month later, she said, he came back to her home and forced her to lift her shirt again.



The woman testified she was prostituting herself when Holtzclaw approached her in his police car. She said he had her destroy a crack pipe and then offered her a ride home. Rather than leave her at the door, she said, he followed her to her bedroom where he raped her, saying, "This is better than county jail."



The woman testified she was raped by a police officer but could not identify Holtzclaw specifically and said she thought the officer was a black man shorter than her. She testified she was walking to her cousin's house when the officer pulled up in his car. She said he searched her, touching her breasts and then her vagina. After checking her for outstanding warrants, he forced her to perform oral sex, she testified. He then drove her to a dead-end street, where he raped her, she said.



The woman testified that Holtzclaw stopped her as she was walking in the same neighborhood as most of the other victims and began searching her for drugs. She said he fondled her breasts and then reached down her pants. He then allegedly told her, "OK, you don't have anything. You can go."



The woman whose report launched the police investigation into Holtzclaw was the first witness to testify. A grandmother in her 50s, the woman said she was driving home after 2 a.m. when Holtzclaw pulled her over. He first asked her if she had been drinking, then ordered her out of the car and into the backseat of his squad car. He then stood over her and ordered her to perform oral sex.



One woman accused Holtzclaw of taking her to an abandoned, secluded area known as "Dead Man's Curve," where he ordered her to perform oral sex and intercourse or go to jail. He then dropped her off at a nearby corner. She said she didn't call the police because, "I'm calling the police on the police?"



Holtzclaw allegedly pulled one woman over in her car and suspected her of drunken driving. The woman testified he let her park the car a few blocks away, then told her to get out and pull her pants down, and he raped her. "I saw what was going to happen," she said. "There was nothing I could do. He was a police officer. And I was a woman."



A teenager testified that Holtzclaw raped her inside the enclosed front porch of her mother's home. The victim, who was 17 at the time, recalled Holtzclaw pulling up in his police car as she walked home. Holtzclaw drove her home and walked her to her door, where he told her he had to search her. She said he grabbed her breasts, then raped her. Her DNA was found on his uniform trousers.