Quotations in the News

AP News
Posted: Nov 27, 2015 3:05 AM

"We view the U.S.-led coalition with respect and stand ready to cooperate with it. We believe that we would better create a single, united coalition as it would be easier, simpler and more efficient to coordinate our work that way." — Russian President Vladimir Putin after he and French counterpart Francois Hollande agreed to tighten cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State group.


"This is my first time shopping on Thanksgiving. I want the deals. You have to come the first day. If we come back tomorrow, you can maybe get the same price — if you're here at 6 a.m. I'm not going to get up that early. I'd rather sleep." — Maria Garcia-Chavez of Denver, who stood in line in the snow with her family to get into J.C. Penney the day before Black Friday.


"I just heard him take a big, deep breath and whisper to himself, 'All right, let's do this' and he took off. It was chaotic. Everyone around us was yelling and kids were crying. It was pretty unexpected." — Victoria Pena of Houston, who witnessed a man draped in an American flag climbing over the fence at the White House, prompting a lockdown as the first family celebrated Thanksgiving.