The top universities for producing Nobel-winning economists

AP News
Posted: Oct 12, 2015 1:29 PM

Nobel prize-winning economists have been clustered among a small group of prestigious universities.

On Monday, Angus Deaton became the sixth economist affiliated with Princeton University to receive a Nobel prize. Deaton was awarded about $975,000 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for his research into policy responses to poverty and how individual choices shape a broader economy.

Since the Nobel economics prize was first awarded in 1969, the University of Chicago has dominated, producing 12 Nobel-winning economists.

Here's a breakdown of the universities with multiple Nobel prize winners since the economics award was first given in 1969:

Nobel Prize winners Institution
12 University of Chicago
6 Princeton University
5 University of California, Berkeley
4 University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
4 Columbia University
4 Harvard University
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3 Yale University
2 Arizona State University
2 Carnegie Mellon University
2 George Mason University
2 New York University
2 University of Oslo (Norway)
2 Stanford University