Cargo ships that have sunk with fatalities since 2011

AP News
Posted: Oct 05, 2015 2:49 PM

On Monday, the Coast Guard said a U.S. cargo ship carrying 33 people sank. It disappeared four days earlier, after encountering high winds and heavy seas from Hurricane Joaquin. One body has been found, and planes and ships are still searching for the rest of the crew. Here are some past incidents in which cargo ships have sunk:

Jan 3, 2015: Cargo ship Cemfjord, carrying cement from Denmark to England's west coast, capsized north of Scotland and sank in stormy seas without issuing a distress call. An extensive search failed to find any of the eight-member crew.___Jan 2, 2015: Philippine cargo vessel Bulk Jupiter sank near the coast of Vung Tau City, Vietnam. One crewman was rescued, two were found dead, and 16 were never found.___May 5, 2014: A Chinese cargo ship with cement sank after colliding with a container ship near Hong Kong. One crew member of the Zhong Xing 2 was rescued, but 12 were never found.___April 4, 2014: The bodies of two North Korean sailors were recovered after their cargo ship went missing off the southern coast of South Korea. Three were rescued, but 11 remained missing.

___Oct. 15, 2013: Chinese cargo ship the CHENGLU15 sank off South Korea's southeastern coast in strong winds and fierce waves. Eight people were rescued and nine bodies were recovered, leaving two people missing.___July 4, 2013: Eleven crew members from a Bangladeshi cargo ship went missing after their vessel capsized in rough waters in the Andaman Sea near Thailand. Six were rescued.___Dec 5, 2012:  Three people were killed and 10 went missing after cargo ship Volgo Balt 199 sank in a severe storm off Turkey's Black Sea coast.

___Feb 1, 2012: A Cambodian-registered cargo ship sank in a Black Sea storm near Turkey. Eight of 11 crew members went missing.

___Nov 27, 2011:  Russian cargo ship Swanland sank off Bardsey in the Irish Sea after it was hit by a freak wave in gale force winds. Two crew members were saved, but six died.