Lead scientist of Pluto expedition has book deal

AP News
Posted: Oct 01, 2015 6:10 AM

NEW YORK (AP) — You've seen the images from Pluto. Now, the lead scientist of the historic NASA expedition is ready to tell the whole story.

Alan Stern, principal investigator of the New Horizons mission, has a deal with Picador for a "behind the scenes" account of July's flyby.

The publisher announced Thursday that the book is called "Chasing New Horizons: Inside Humankind's First Mission to Pluto." It's scheduled for publication in spring 2017. David Grinspoon, a planetary scientist and award-winning science writer, will co-write the book.

July's unprecedented encounter with the dwarf planet was the last stop on NASA's long tour of our solar-system, dating back to when Pluto was a full-fledged planet. Scientists in charge of New Horizons have hoped the new observations will restore Pluto's honor.