Think you're smart enough for Savannah's tour guide test?

AP News
Posted: Aug 15, 2015 11:09 AM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Think you're smart enough to lead guided tours in Savannah?

The local government in Georgia's oldest city requires tour guides to earn a license by passing a 100-question test on Savannah's history, key locations and architecture. A federal lawsuit challenging the licensing law says it violates guides' free-speech rights. Recent court filings show that a local history professor who helped design the test acknowledged, "I personally could not have done well on that test."

Here are a few sample test questions from Savannah's city government website:


Native Americans may have hunted in coastal Georgia as early as:

A — 6,000 BCE

B — 10,000 BCE

C — 15,000 BCE

D — 12,000 BCE

James Edward Oglethorpe was a

A — Legislator

B — Reformer

C — A military leader

D — All of the above

Geometric zones which provide structure and serve as building blocks for the city's unique urban design are called

A — Squares

B — Blocks

C — Wards

D — Trust lots

The Telfair residence was designed by British architect William Jay, who also designed

A — The DeSoto Hotel

B — The Scarborough House

C — The Andrew Low House

D — The Pulaski Hotel

The northeast Trust Lot on Wright Square is the location of

A — The First Baptist Church

B — The Lutheran Chapel of the Ascension

C — Wesley Chapel

D — Wesley Monumental Church



B, D, C, B, B