Employer worried for French woman kidnapped in Yemen

AP News
Posted: Jun 02, 2015 11:36 AM

MIAMI (AP) — The director of a Miami-based consulting firm says he's very worried about an employee who was kidnapped in February in Yemen.

Francisco Ayala, the director of Ayala Consulting, said Tuesday that he has not heard from the kidnappers of 31-year-old Isabelle Prime and that he's "desperate" for information.

Recently, a video surfaced showing Prime pleading for help. In the video, she appears frail and anguished, and she urges the leaders of France and Yemen to allow her to return to France.

Ayala said Prime was scheduled to leave Yemen when she was kidnapped. Ayala believes that Prime was targeted and followed, and that the kidnappers "found the right moment to do it."

Prime had been working in Yemen about a year.