Quotations in the News

AP News
Posted: Apr 27, 2015 3:02 AM

"Villages like this are routinely affected by landslides, and it's not uncommon for entire villages of 200, 300, up to 1,000 people to be completely buried by rock falls. It will likely be helicopter access only." — Matt Darvas, a member of the aid group World Vision, on the Nepal earthquake rescue mission in remote mountain areas.


"There's no such thing as someone snapping. What we know now is that even if a person is psychotic, they can still plan and methodically go about the preparations to carry out a mass murder." — J. Reid Meloy, a forensic psychiatrist at the University of California, San Diego, on the state of mind of Colorado theater shooter James Holmes.


"There is something going on in the (Baltimore) police department that needs to change." — Tina Covington, who attended the funeral of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who died a week ago after sustaining serious injuries while in police custody.