Illness on flight diverted to Buffalo remains unexplained

AP News
Posted: Apr 23, 2015 5:04 PM
Illness on flight diverted to Buffalo remains unexplained

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A U.S. official says the cause of illnesses among passengers on a SkyWest flight to Connecticut remains a mystery to investigators.

The official is familiar with the incident, wasn't authorized to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The official says the pilots on Flight 5622 put the aircraft into a steep dive from 37,000 feet Wednesday after being told some people in the cabin were feeling dizzy, queasy or had trouble breathing.

The Embraer E170 jet made an emergency landing in Buffalo.

The official says Thursday the pilots did not report a pressurization problem, oxygen masks didn't deploy and pressure in the cabin was equivalent to 8,000 feet, which is normal. No smell was reported. There is no evidence that any door was opened.

The official says 14 passengers and one flight attendant reported symptoms, but no one passed out. The airline said three people lost consciousness.