Quotations in the News

AP News
Posted: Jan 31, 2015 3:05 AM

"I believe that one of our next generation of Republican leaders, one who may not be as well-known as I am today, one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started, may well emerge as being better able to defeat the Democrat nominee." — Mitt Romney, who ended his roller-coaster return to presidential politics.


"Jordan does not have a history of negotiating with terrorists. At the same time, I think it is clear that all other alternatives are worse than releasing the pilot and ending in that scenario." — Former Jordanian Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher on Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, a Jordanian pilot who is being held captive by the Islamic State group.


"No, I can't. Does that surprise you? We've all done a lot of soul-searching, beginning with yours truly. And we have taken action." — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on whether he could envision resigning or being fired after a year wrought with scandal for the league.