2 suspects convicted in 2010 murder of Chicago cop

AP News
Posted: Nov 13, 2014 10:23 PM

CHICAGO (AP) — Two men accused in the May 2010 killing of Chicago Police Officer Thomas Wortham IV were found guilty Thursday of first-degree murder.

A prosecutor said Paris McGee, 25, and Toyious Taylor, 34, acted as lookouts for two friends who were trying to steal Wortham's motorcycle outside his parents' Chicago home.

Assistant State's Attorney Mary Jo Murtaugh said McGee and Taylor watched from a car as Marcus Floyd, 23, and his 20-year-old cousin, Brian Floyd, approached the 30-year-old police officer with their guns drawn.

"They (McGee and Taylor) are waiting at the scene, watching," Murtaugh said of the moments before Wortham was shot and his body dragged along the street under the getaway car. "They were in it together."

Defense attorneys for Taylor and McGee argued that the Floyds were solely responsible for Wortham's death and that there was no proof that McGee and Taylor were present. They said Taylor and McGee's fingerprints were found inside the getaway vehicle because Brian Floyd allowed his friends to drive his car.

The officer's father, retired police Sgt. Thomas Wortham III, said his son was driving away on his motorcycle when two men — one with a gun — tried to steal the bike.

Wortham said he yelled from his porch for the men to get away from his son. The younger Wortham pulled his gun and identified himself as a police officer. Then gunfire erupted, the father testified.

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The elder Wortham said he ran inside, grabbed a revolver and picked up his son's gun as the getaway car sped away. The two suspected robbers then appeared from behind a nearby car and the father shot at them with both guns, hitting both suspects.

McGee and Taylor's attorneys suggested the elder Wortham was too distraught from the sight of his dying son to properly identify their clients.

Brian Floyd was fatally wounded in the shooting. Marcus Floyd is awaiting trial.