Details of mission against militants in Syria

AP News
Posted: Sep 23, 2014 5:02 AM

The U.S. and five Arab countries launched airstrikes Monday night on Islamic State group targets in eastern Syria. Some facts about the military action, as provided by U.S. Central Command:


— Countries participating: U.S., Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.

— Targets: Islamic State fighters, training compounds, headquarters and command and control facilities, storage facilities, a finance center, supply trucks and armed vehicles in the vicinity of Raqqa, Dayr az Zawr, Al-Hasakah and Abu Kamal.

— U.S. missiles: 47 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles launched from the USS Arleigh Burke and USS Philippine Sea, operating from international waters in the Red Sea and North Arabian Gulf.

— U.S. aircraft: Air Force B-1 bombers, F-15E attack planes, F-16 fighters and F-22 fighters; Navy F/A-18 fighters; two types of drone aircraft.

— Other strikes: The U.S. alone also conducted eight strikes against the al-Qaida-affiliated Khorasan Group west of Aleppo, including training camps, an explosives and munitions production facility, a communication building and command-and-control facilities.