'LOVE' artist Indiana doesn't show at celebration

AP News
Posted: Sep 13, 2014 6:23 PM
'LOVE' artist Indiana doesn't show at celebration

VINALHAVEN, Maine (AP) — Reclusive artist Robert Indiana was expected make an appearance outside his island residence on Saturday to take part in a celebration of his art around the world on his 86th birthday but he didn't emerge from his home, disappointing dozens of fans.

The event was called International HOPE Day and took place in cities across the world. Indiana was expected to make a public appearance outside his home and studio on Vinalhaven Island, where dozens of fans had hoped to get his autograph on commemorative prints that they purchased from event organizers outside his home.

Kathleen Rogers, Indiana's publicist, said he's in very poor health and isn't used to being around large groups of people.

"We'd envisioned much smaller event" when Indiana initially agreed to appear, she said. "I think he was just overwhelmed with all the people."

The artist is best known for his "LOVE" image, in which the L and a leaning O sit atop the V and the E. His 'HOPE' image is similar in theme.

Indiana is known for being reclusive. He once stood up Obama at the White House and another time he made a crew from NBC's "Today" show wait three days on the island before he would let them interview him.