How the fire-damaged USS Miami will be scrapped

AP News
Posted: Mar 28, 2014 4:55 PM

The USS Miami, a submarine that sustained $700 million in damage in a shipyard fire, is being decommissioned and scrapped at a cost of $54 million. Some details on the process:

— The Navy inactivates one or two submarines per year out of the current fleet of 72. Miami is the 21st Los Angeles-class attack submarine to be inactivated.

— Some Miami parts are already getting recycled and put aboard other submarines. That includes communication gear, pumps, valves, propeller shaft and desalination unit.

— Portsmouth Naval Shipyard will remove nuclear fuel and ship it to a federal repository in Idaho.

— The reactor will remain onboard when the ship is towed to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Washington. The reactor will be buried at that state's Hanford site.

— It'll take six weeks to tow the submarine via the Panama Canal to Puget Sound.

— After the sub is cut into pieces, its scrap metal will be sold at auction.

— Some cities request their namesake submarine's "sail," the conning tower that's equipped with a periscope, for parks or museums. The city of Miami has made an inquiry that wasn't specific.

Source: Capt. Michael Elmstrom, Navy program manager for attack submarines.