Quotations in the News

AP News
Posted: Mar 12, 2014 3:02 AM

"This race is not about defending a broken agenda in Washington or advancing a broken agenda in Washington. This race is about serving the people in our own community. Let's dispense with the rancor and vitriol of the last five months." — Republican David Jolly after he won a special election for a Tampa, Fla.-area U.S. House district.


"Heads should roll, people should go to jail if it's true. If it is, the legislative branch should declare war on the CIA." — Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., after Senate Intelligence Committee chief Dianne Feinstein declared the CIA interfered with and then tried to intimidate a congressional investigation into the agency's possible use of torture in terror probes during the Bush administration.


"The video enabled the president to deliver his message very clearly but in a way that's fresh and appealing to a young audience. It's almost cynical but in a sincere way." — Susan Etlinger, an Internet analyst for the Altimeter Group, after Zach Galifianakis interviewed President Barack Obama for the comic website Funny or Die.