At a glance: risk levels of state computer systems

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Posted: Feb 25, 2014 4:07 PM
At a glance: risk levels of state computer systems

Initial cybersecurity risk assessments of state systems linking to federal computers to help enroll people for coverage under the new health care law found widespread risks. These assessments by the federal Health and Human Services department were provided by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The Obama administration says they represent "outdated" snapshots and that security issues were either resolved or are being addressed. States need approval to connect to federal computer systems. States with high-risk issues can be approved if they are tackling the problems.

The potential impact of security flaws is rated high if a breach could have a severe or catastrophic impact on organizational operations, organizational assets, or individuals; moderate if the consequences would be serious, and low if the adverse effects would be limited. No information was provided for Delaware and New Jersey.

State Date of Assessment Risk Level
Alabama 9/25/2013 High
Alaska 9/24/2013 High
Arizona* 9/20/2013 High
Arkansas 9/29/2013 Moderate
California 9/25/2013 Moderate
Colorado (Medicaid) 9/29/2013 High
Colorado (Exchange) 9/29/2013 High
Connecticut 9/16/2013 High
DC 9/26/2013 High
Florida 9/29/2013 High
Georgia 1/29/2014 High
Hawaii 9/28/2013 High
Idaho 9/24/2013 High
Illinois 9/28/2013 High
Indiana 9/29/2013 High
Iowa 9/24/2013 High
Kansas 12/26/2013 High
Kentucky 9/13/2013 Approval recommended
Louisiana 9/29/2013 High
Maine 10/3/2013 High
Maryland 9/24/2013 Moderate
Massachusetts 9/24/2013 Moderate
Michigan 9/26/2013 Moderate
Minnesota 9/28/2013 High
Mississippi 9/27/2013 Moderate
Missouri 10/8/2013 High
Montana 9/27/2013 Moderate
Nebraska 9/29/2013 High
Nevada 9/24/2013 High
New Hampshire 9/24/2013 High
New Mexico 9/29/2013 High
New York 9/20/2013 Approval recommended
North Carolina 9/29/2013 High
North Dakota 12/16/2013 High
Ohio 9/29/2013 Moderate
Oklahoma 10/15/2013 Moderate
Oregon 9/27/2013 High
Pennsylvania 9/28/2013 High
Rhode Island 9/20/2013 High
South Carolina 9/24/2013 High
South Dakota 9/29/2013 High
Tennessee 11/8/2013 High
Texas 10/3/2013 High
Utah 1/29/2014 Low
Vermont 9/20/2014 Approval recommended
Virginia 9/29/2014 High
Washington 9/20/2014 Approval recommended
West Virginia 10/3/2013 High
Wisconsin 9/29/2013 High
Wyoming 9/29/2013 High

(asterisk)Approval was recommended for Arizona because the state had a mitigation plan.

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Source: U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform