Quotations in the News

AP News
Posted: Nov 19, 2013 5:40 AM

"You point your gun at my fricking face. Get out of my house. Do not push me out of my house. Please get out of my house." — Samantha Scheibe, girlfriend of George Zimmerman, in a 911 call which led to his arrest following a domestic dispute outside of Orlando, Fla.


"I don't think we had one church damaged." — Mayor Gary Manier after a tornado flattened the central Illinois town of Washington, but spared most residents, many of whom were attending church services at about the time the twister struck.


"This is nothing more than a coup d'etat. What's happening here today is not a democratic process — it's a dictatorship process." — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford before the city council stripped him of the last of his substantive powers because of multiple scandals.