For DC, the villains take the reins

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Posted: Sep 03, 2013 2:48 AM
For DC, the villains take the reins

There are always bad guys in comic books — rogues and evil geniuses out for world domination. In DC Comics' forthcoming "New 52" titles there's about to be nothing but villains as the universe finds itself under assault and defended by an unlikely hero: Lex Luthor.

Writer Geoff Johns says evil is all relative and the opening pages of "Forever Evil" this week promise to upend readers of DC Entertainment's comics. He says the crossover will turn "inside out" the nature of DC's long-standing characters, both good and bad.

Johns, who is also the publisher's chief creative officer, says the first issue of the seven-issue miniseries, out Wednesday, takes the idea of good and evil and mixes it up in a way that will leave readers unsure what's right or wrong.