Ohio mom's attorney challenges brawl witnesses

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Posted: Aug 22, 2013 11:35 AM

CINCINNATI (AP) — The attorney for a woman accused of helping her teenage daughter beat up a high school classmate challenged witnesses Thursday about what actually happened during the classroom melee.

The art teacher whose classroom was the site of the brawl acknowledged that she couldn't see the fight once it started because students surrounded those involved. The teacher, Kim Kilby, described seeing the classmate who was allegedly assaulted getting up, appearing shaken and slightly bleeding from cuts on her face.

Attorney Eric Deters pointed out to Kilby that she had written a summary of the fight shortly afterward stating that the student ran out of the classroom after the mother, Precious Allen, and was "still trying to fight" the woman.

Kilby also agreed under questioning that she didn't see Allen slam the girl to the floor, as a police officer had testified.

Allen, 31, has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault and trespassing in the Feb. 7 brawl inside Withrow High School in Cincinnati.

Greg Baker, who is responsible for school security and surveillance equipment, said Thursday he didn't know what happened to video of the confrontation. Deters has suggested it was deleted on purpose because it showed that the other student was the aggressor, not Allen.

Prosecutors said in opening statements Wednesday that Allen acted like a child, trying to settle the issue herself.

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Deters told Hamilton County jurors that she "did nothing but try to protect her daughter," who was being bullied by the other girl. He also questioned how the classroom video wasn't retained when surveillance videos showing Allen and her daughter in other parts of the school were.

Allen is accused of punching the other student and holding her down as her daughter hit the girl with a combination lock. Allen and her daughter say the other girl started the dispute and had punched Allen's daughter in the face the previous day.