Pair face murder trial in 2nd faith-healing death

AP News
Posted: Jun 12, 2013 5:51 PM

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia couple who believes in faith healing over medicine faces a murder trial in the death of their second son in four years.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible (SHY'-bul) are being held on third-degree murder charges after Wednesday's preliminary hearing.

Two-year-old Kent died in 2009, followed by 8-month-old Brandon in April. Both boys died of pneumonia.

Prosecutors say the Schaibles defied terms of their probation after the first case by failing to get Brandon medical care.

But Herbert Schaible's lawyer argues that Brandon had symptoms for just three days. Bobby Hoof says many parents wait that long before seeking help.

The Schaibles belong to a Pentecostal church that believes in "divine healing," according to their police statements.

Their seven surviving children are now in foster care.